We are a transcultural artists’ collective called Kaalo.101.

Our mission is to create an open, non-commercial, free and creative space to work, experiment, exhibit and discuss.

We are a mixture between a gallery, work space and creative hangout, which is all based in a traditional Newari building in Nagbahal, Patan.

Our core value is the exchange of knowledge and the resulting individual and collective creative growth and courage

Solidarity, empowerment, mutual support and open dialogues are main pillars of this project and the connected community of Visual Artists, musicians, performers, writers and curators.
While starting Kaalo.101, we felt – and still feel – a safe, diverse and connective community between both global/local and traditional/contemporary ideas is what Kathmandu needs.

We believe in establishing these connections through art.

Please contact and visit us, if

– you are an artist or creative of any kind

– you love art and grassroots artivism

– you are politically, critically and socially engaged

– you want to see anything besides superficial stereotypes about Nepal and Nepalese